Fresh Fruit Teas

Passion Fruit Green TeaPopularM $6.25 / L $7.25

Fresh brewed green tea with tropical and tart passion fruit

Aloe Grapefruit Green TeaM $6.25 / L $7.25

Green tea with refreshing citrus flavor and smooth, soothing aloe (includes aloe topping)

Peach Green TeaM $6.25/ L$7.25

Fragrant and refreshing peach flavor infused with green tea

Mango Green TeaM $6.25 / L $7.25

Lush, tropical mango flavor with green tea

Lychee Lime Green TeaM $6.25/ L $7.25

Sweet, floral lychee flavor with zesty fresh limes in green tea

Strawberry Green TeaM $6.25/ L $7.25

Light and fruity strawberry with refreshing green tea