Milk Teas / Milk Slush

Brown Sugar$6 / 7

Made with freshly brewed black tea and delectable brown sugar

Brown Sugar MatchaPopularM $6 / L $7

Indulge in our sweet brown sugar milk tea with earthy matcha green tea

Regular Milk TeaM $6 / L $7

Made with freshly brewed black tea

TaroPopularM $6 / L$7

Similar to a yam, taro brings a mildly sweet and warm earthy taste as one of our best sellers.

CoconutM $6 / L $7

The creamy and sweet flavor of silky coconut

WatermelonM $6 / L$7

Refreshingly light and fruity

Thai TeaM $6 / L $7

Made with freshly brewed thai tea, topped with sweet and creamy evaporated milk

ChocolateM $6 / L $7

Indulgently rich and velvety chocolate flavor

VanillaM $6 / L$7

Smooth and sweet flavor of aromatic vanilla

HoneydewM $6 / L $7

Refreshingly light and subtly sweet and mellow

MangoPopularM $6 / L $7

Lusciously sweet and vibrantly flavorful mango flavor

ChaiM $6 / L$7

Invigorating black tea flavor with aromatic spices, creamy and comforting

StrawberryM $6/ L$7

Delightfully fruity with the sweet tang of strawberries

Strawberry Lemonade milk teaM $6 / L$7

Vibrant fruity strawberry flavor with the tart flavor of lemons in a creamy milk tea

MochaM $6 / L $7

Made with freshly brewed arabica bean coffee, sweetened with vanilla or chocolate

MatchaM $6 / L $7

Uniquely earthy and mildly sweet

CaramelM $6 / L $7

Decadent and rich, the flavor of buttery caramel

Almond JoyM $6 / L $7

Similar to the popular candy, combines the flavors of rich velvety chocolate and refreshing coconut (contains no nuts)